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With ActiveSpeed, I could tell a dramatic difference in my Internet connection speed...All my friends will hear about ActiveSpeed!

-- D. Ensley

I downloaded ActiveSpeed last night and WOW, what a big change! I love it and am going to tell all my family and friends about it. Thanks guys. You really made my day!

-- T. Baker

PC SpeedScan
PC SpeedScan Pro
I could never figure out why my computer was running so slowly. PC SpeedScan found and removed my computer errors and now my computer runs like brand new.

-- P. Milligan

With a simple click and download, and then scan to see what was wrong with the computer. It is RUNNING like BRAND NEW – and this computer gets a lot of heavy to have it running better than ever is so wonderful. This is a GREAT value...and easy to use.

-- Kathy E. Pierce

PC Scan & Sweep
PC Scan & Sweep
It has made my PC much faster... I am very pleased with the programs I have purchased.

-- N. Amper

My computer was getting slower and slower...when I used your product my computer now works better than ever.

-- Amy Kinneberg

Spyware Striker Pro
Spyware Striker Pro
I have had many virus and spyware attacks. Spyware Striker Pro software has saved me more times then I can count.

-- Phil Dana

I was hoping to get rid of a few particular, very persistent pop-ups. As it turns out, they were either Trojans or so deeply hidden that I just couldn't find them no matter what software program I used. When I reloaded my Windows XP and then loaded up your software, I haven't had a reoccurrence of those particular, very persistent, pop-ups.

-- Vincent Nunez